Our Team

Pascal Marinier, Founder & CEO

Pascal was born and raised in Paris, before traveling intensively through Europe, Africa, America, and the Caribbean. He settled in Guadeloupe where he spent most of his life, before coming to live in NYC. His love for art and his creativity has been showcased through visual art exhibitions, designers fashion shows with hand-painted attire, body painting demonstrations, handicrafts trade fair shows, the Guadeloupe jazz music festival, the Guadeloupe zouk music festival, and more.

Kundu Epole Tongue Clecidor, Marketing Manager & Associate

Kundu was born in France and lived between Europe and Africa before settling in the United States. She has years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry, with a strong track record of providing high quality customer service to a diverse clientele, in Europe and the United States.  A year ago, her love for Fashion and African Art led her to join Sigi’Nommo’s team with great enthusiasm.