about us

We Are Sigi’Nommo

Art is one of life’s greatest sources of inspiration. It should be appreciated daily, be highly visible, and a part of our daily lives to inspire us to dream.

Sigi’Nommo specializes in bringing art to life and making it accessible.

Our purpose is to showcase, and enhance our artistic creativity  through various creative media, including apparel and accessories. 

We use art to tell our stories.

African Print Fashion. Be Inspired.

Sigi’Nommo is about valuing art, we design all our products to reflect this ideal.

Our collections feature vibrant prints and bold colors from the reproduction of high-quality, original artwork. These artworks reflect the beauty and power of our African heritage.

The Sigi’Nommo collections feature stylish pieces for everyday wear. They are all high-quality materials for modern-day fashion with vibrant artworks that are sure to have you standing out.

Inspiring Every Generation Through Art

Our love of art and our aspiration to support creativity are what drive us.

In addition to our line of high-quality print apparel, we explore novel ways to bring our artists into the spotlight. This includes planning and executing major artistic events to bring members of the community together to share with younger generations.

Meet Founder & CEO, Pascal Marinier

Sigi’Nommo is the result of Pascal’s 20+ years’ experience in art and culture.

Pascal was born and raised in Paris, before traveling intensively through Europe, Africa, America, and the Caribbean. He settled in Guadeloupe where he spent most of his life, before coming to live in NYC. His love for art and his creativity has been showcased through visual art exhibitions, designers fashion shows with hand-painted attire, body painting demonstrations, handicrafts trade fair shows, the Guadeloupe jazz music festival, the Guadeloupe zouk music festival, and more.

Together with a very skillful and gifted Guadeloupean singer, Pascal, who plays the guitar, wrote (lyrics and music), produced, and released an album of nine original songs titled Honey On The Groove.

Today, Sigi’Nommo is the way of continuing to express his passion for art.