About the Artists

About Faye Akassa

Faye Akassa is a gifted sand painting artist from Senegal, West Africa.

Sand painting is an ancient art form rooted in Kemet (aka Ancient Egypt) civilization. For 12 years, Akassa’s style and composition were developed around the medium and ancient art form as part of the DeCasa Sand Painting Gallery. As a young artist, he also taught himself how to distinguish the different grains, sizes, and shapes of sand found on the shores of his birth home, Dakar, which contributed to the distinctiveness of his artwork.

Akassa also expanded his range by learning and introducing other techniques in his art, which allowed him to widen his artistic expressions. This included decorating various objects and learning plaster art, oil painting, and art sculpture, many of which he initially sold to tourists visiting his hometown.

Akassa’s art was soon being showcased in France, other parts of Europe, the International African Art Festival in New York, and the Kente Royal Galerie in Harlem, New York, spaces that equally inform his artistic narrative and unique approach to colors while allowing him the freedom to expose his art to a wider audience.

When he’s not creating his unique artwork, Akassa can be found in community school settings, senior centers, and on the streets of New York, passing on his knowledge of sand painting while sharing his artistic philosophy.